Trenton's proximity to Lake Ontario yields a moderate climate.

Average Summer temperature is 24C/75F.
Average Spring temperature is 12C/54F.
Average Fall temperature is 10C/50F.
Average Winter temperature is -8C/18F.

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Temperature Flucuations

May long-weekend, water cool
but usually can swim.
Night frosts have ended.

July, usually 2 weeks
30 C (86 F) or higher.

August, usually 2 weeks cool
15 C (59 F) and wet.

September, back-to-school
week or week after
hot & sunny 25 C (77 F).

First Week October,
usually 21 C (41 F).

January Thaw,
one week 5 C (41 F)

Between December & February,
usually get 2 to 3 weeks when
temperatures are -18 C (0 F).

The Old Farmer's Almanac Long Range Weater Forecast for Trenton, Ontario - TAP HERE

Average Daily Temperatures
January-9 to -616 to 21
February-12 to -910 to 16
March-5 to 523 to 41
April5 to 1041 to 50
May14 to 2057 to 68
June19 to 2566 to 77
July23 to 2973 to 84
August17 to 2563 to 77
September15 to 2159 to 70
October6 to 1343 to 55
November-4 to 525 to 41
December-6 to 021 to 32
Remember, you can always take excess clothes off if you're too hot but you can't put them on if you don't have them with you.

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